Version: 0.12.x

Introduction to Graphback

Graphback is a package and CLI tool that can help you bootstrap a GraphQL server and client. Graphback can help you to focus on your data and remove all boilerplate related with the wider adoption of GraphQL.

Graphback provides tooling for generating fully functional backend and client-side code, on top of your existing application. It helps developers prototype applications by generating source code and reducing the GraphQL boilerplate on the server and the client.

Focus more on delivering business value by using the GraphQL schema to describe the shape of your data graph. All you need to do with Graphback is to specify your data as GraphQL Types:

GraphQL Types annotated with @model will be processed by Graphback to give you fully functional backend and client side queries that follow Graphback CRUD specification. Graphback will work with your current GraphQL enabled Node.js application or can help you to create new one.

What Graphback can do for you?

  • Generate CRUD based client side queries, schema and Node.JS resolvers for your input model
  • Support additional use cases by variety of community plugins
  • Migrate your database to work with your data model and changes in schema
  • Create your backend with CRUD API without code thanks to graphql-serve