Version: 0.12.x

Adding Graphback to your Node.js project

Adding Graphback to existing project using Graphback CLI

Graphback CLI can be used to add code generation capabilities to your existing Node.js Server that implements GraphQL API.

npx graphback-cli config

Follow the on-screen instructions.

Graphback will do the following:

  • Create .graphqlrc.yml file with default Graphback plugins
  • Initialize an example model file
  • Add required packages to your package.json file

Next Steps

  1. To change the default application configuration see Graphback Config.

  2. See Defining your Data model for how to design your data model.

  3. Graphback provides a number of different data sources which can be configured at application runtime. See Data Sources.

  4. If you are using a PostgreSQL datasource you can migrate your database to match your schema by running graphback db. See Database Migrations for more.

  5. Run your application! 🚀