Version: 0.12.x

Graphback CRUD Schema Plugin

Graphback CRUD Schema plugin

Schema plugin generates GraphQL Schema which contain additional Queries, Mutations and Subscriptions that follow Graphback CRUD specification. Input GraphQL schema is perserved. Plugin will only process GraphQL Types annotated with @model.


npm install @graphback/codegen-schema


Generated graphql schema file can be used to create GraphQL Server.

Please reffer to ts-apollo-fullstack app for fully functional example:

Plugin Config

* Output format for schema
format: 'ts' | 'js' | 'graphql',
* RelativePath for the output files created by generator
outputPath: string
* Name of the output file (by default `schema`)
outputFileName?: string

Example YML:

format: 'graphql'
outputPath: ./server/src/schema

Extending schema using other plugins

Schema Plugin is responsibile for saving schema however any other plugin can modify schema that will be later saved to the output file. You can also choose to create multiple schema files that will be later merged together.