Version: 0.12.x

Graphback Plugins introduction

Graphback generator plugins allow developers to define custom set of transformations on top of GraphQL schema and create resources like files or even database tables.

Graphback plugins are executed in the order they are defined in the configuration. Each plugin can decorate current schema and also create file resources.

Graphback offers standard suite of plugins that give developers ability to generate fully functional server and client.

Global configuiration for plugins

Each plugin requires globally available configuration for model and crud flags. Example configuration:

# Graphback configuration
## Input schema
model: ./model/**/*.graphql
## Global configuration for CRUD generator
create: true
update: true
findAll: true
find: true
delete: true
subCreate: true
subUpdate: true
subDelete: true

This configuration should not be replicated by hand. Developers should use graphback config to initialize configuration for their project.