Version: 0.9.x



Graphback provides users with the choice of setting up a custom environment with features with the help of templates. We plan to provide templates with multiple use cases including various server frameworks like GraphQL server frameworks like Apollo GraphQL, GraphQL-js and others.


Typescript implementation of GraphQL server using apollo-express framework. Uses knex.js library for database access.

Custom templates

Graphback supports custom templates by providing templateUrl parameter for init command.

graphback init name --templateUrl=

NOTE: Template needs to be located in repository /template folder

Folder Structure

Each template has the following folder structure, which is created as each graphback command is used.

|-----model // Model - type declaration
|-----config // config for the server
|-----custom // empty stubs for custom implementation
|-----generated // generated resolvers from datamodel
|-----generated.schema // generated schema
|-----db.ts // db connection
|-----mapping.ts // map generated content