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Rising above GraphQL Subscriptions with Graphback DataSync

Shibani Shankar Dash

Shibani Shankar Dash

Aerogear community contributor

GraphQL Subscriptions are a perfect fit for situations where users like to receive instant updates for some specific types of data. Subscriptions are very flexible and allow developers to connect directly to the stream of the changes generated on the server side. Subscriptions deliver delta updates to the client only when clients are subscribed. To receive partial updates after an application is restarted developers can use the concept of delta queries.

Improving the GraphQL experience with Graphback 0.14

Manyanda Chitimbo

Manyanda Chitimbo

Software Engineer


Over the past couple of months, we have been working on improving Graphback. We are excited to announce that we have released Graphback 0.14.0, bringing a new and improved CRUD and runtime experience. Most notable changes in this release:

  • Full implementation of the CRUD API specification
  • Improved runtime API to remove complexity of setting up a Graphback API
  • RBAC Authorization on top of the Graphback Service and Keycloak

The complete changelog is available at https://graphback.dev/docs/releases#0140